Specialists in Exercise Rehabilitation Greenville, SC

The LeJeune Integrated Medical Centers’ experts will suggest physical medicine and rehabilitation to restore and enhance functional ability and quality of life in our patients. This can provide relief to those who are living with ailments affecting the bones, joints, ligaments, spinal cord, nerves, tendons, and muscles. Our experts will treat chronic pain with a multidisciplinary method customized to fit the patient’s needs and help them reach their physical and functional goals.

Programs We Provide:

The LeJeune Integrated Medical Centers’ specialists will provide custom exercise programs that include:

  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Stretching
  • Adjustments
  • Massage
  • Manual manipulation
  • And More

The objective of any rehabilitation is to restore function to the greatest degree in the most brief time, assisting people return to their function with negligible risk of re-injury. While outright rest and offloading may relieve symptoms,  they are related with negative possibilities like increased tissue vulnerability and decreased tissue tolerance later on.

Understanding how tissues answer to physical stress and mechanical loading is useful in accomplishing a harmony between stabilizing an injured tissue and avoiding detraining.

What Does Exercise Rehabilitation Mean?

Exercise rehabilitation is a by and by endorsed set of activities that range from active movement through to strengthening exercises utilizing body weight, therabands, and resistance machines or free weights, reliant upon the requirements of the client condition and findings during assessment.

Rehabilitation exercises plan to get back to full function following injury through re-developing muscle strength, power, endurance, and improving overall flexibility and mobility. Around here at LeJeune Integrated Medical Center we understand that every athlete, sport and injury is unique, so we personally tailor each recovery plan to you to boost your true capacity.

Exercise rehabilitation has a basic impact in recovery from injury or pain and in many cases the success of healing is attributed to undertaking an exhaustive and progressive rehabilitation plan. Your therapist will work with you to help you recover and forestall re-injury. Whether your points are getting back to marathon fitness or simply being pain free, our therapists are able to tailor your rehabilitation to YOU.